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Program for evaluating travel time and energy consumption for commuters using the RUF system in Copenhagen

The program rufcph.exe is an important tool in order to evaluate the consequences of a RUF system in Copenhagen. It has a very easy to use graphical interface making it easy to use and understand. It can be used by anyone who lives and work in the Greater Copenhagen area. It calculates the most important factors: travel time and energy consumption.

The main result can be summarized to the following:
- Travel time by ruf compared to by car is reduced by typically 30%;

- The main part of the travel time is constructive time that can be used for relaxation, reading, using cell phones without any risk, using the internet and perform on-line work or even take a nap;

- Travel time my maxi-ruf can be shorter than by car if you choose a door-to-door trip;

- Energy consumption is reduced to 1/3 if you use a ruf in stead of a car. If you use maxi-RUF, the energy consumption is reduced even further;

- All the assumptions behind the program are clearly stated and can be changed in order to evaluate how important the different assumptions are.

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