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One of the most important goals of the present and future cities is and will be to solve the traffic congestion's problems. The cities are all different and have to deal with various kind of problems: mobility is not the same in Europe than in the US, so the tools to use are also different, even if the traffic effects are close (air pollution, noise). Considering, for example, two near cities in the same country leads to the same conclusion.

In this context, it is thus impossible to reach "miraculous recipes" to solve urban mobility problems. As each situation being specific, demands specific tools. Cybercars are one of these, able to help the cities in this direction. To be efficient, well introduced and used, they have to belong to general policies (traffic, parking and urbanism) including accompanying measures.

The CyberMove project proposes to evaluate different "typical" urban situations, using various types of vehicles to solve their specific constraints. As said before, the initial contexts differ from one to another and there is actually no general methodology that can be applied in any situation. In CyberMove project, the chosen method by GEA and partners was to observe all the various projects and conceptual designs in their own specificities, to analyse, at general scale, the pertinence of each proposal (feasibility studies), to test the technical liability of the vehicles and public acceptance (demonstration) and, ultimate goal, analyse the operating feasibility (test-trial).

The result of all these experiments, comparing the observations and conclusions, will allow GEA to elaborate general methodology and guidelines applicable in each situation of urban congestion. This constitutes the most important assessment of the political stakeholders and of all their planners and will be one of the most revealing results of CyberMove's approach.

The CyberMove project belongs to the trend of new systems of mobility and is also in the move of many future-planning procedures.

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