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Flexible and customized CTS (Cybernetic Transport Systems)

Among the main results of CyberMove project are the tools and methodologies to define the features of CTS (Cybernetic Transport Systems).

In CyberMove, ROBOSOFT has acquired know-how and a strong experience in designing such systems, by customizing its proprietary range of CyberCars vehicles (RobuCAB and RobuRIDE), and integrating them into an operational CTS meeting the requirements of specific people transport system. This know-how includes the following skills:
- Customizing the vehicles;
- Choosing and implementing the guiiding system (laser, wire, transponders);
- Choosing and implementing the anti-collision sensors;
- Implementing the man-machine interfaces;
- Defining and implementing the fleet control strategies;
- Defining and implementing the wireless communication system;
- Applying the legal rules for certifications and safety.

The main expected benefit is to provide customized and cost-effective complete CTS systems to the cities of tomorrow, or all other public areas: campus, business park, hospital, theme park, railway station.

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