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Robotized electric vehicles for CTS (Cybernetic Transport Systems)

The studies and trials carried out during CyberMove project led to a better understanding and definition of the users needs, the certification process and the definition of CTS (Cybernetic Transport Systems).

As an active partner involved in this process, ROBOSOFT has been able to define a new generation of electric vehicles meeting the requirements revealed during the project.

This new generation of vehicles, exclusively designed for automatic transport of people, are basically mobile robots equipped with people transportation capabilities.
2 types of vehicles have been defined:
- RobuCAB: a small shuttle for 4 to 5 passengers;
- RobuRIDE: a big shuttle for up to 22 passengers.

In spite of a different geometry, they both can be automated using standard guiding systems (wire, transponders, laser, GPS), secured by anti-collison devices (laser, ultrasonic) and supervised through wireless communication systems (GSM, WAP, iMODE).

These vehicles can be customized, and are dedicated to inner city areas, where cars are not allowed of have a very limited access.

The main expected benefit is to provide cost-effective vehicles to the transport operators or integrators willing to implement CTS systems. The current status is a product definition and a mock-up system able to make demonstrations. It is going to be used for dissemination, but the expected goal is to develop fleets of vehicles performing public transportation services in the cities of tomorrow.

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