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Recommendations for end-users on the assessment of historic masonry based on NDT and MDT methods

This result provides the end-users with guidelines for the correct use of diagnostics for the structural assessment of Historic Masonry buildings. Recommendations for end users will be published both in printed and CD format. This publication attempts to council a necessary scientific methodological approach in plane language, in order to stimulate end-users, not always well prepared in terms of knowledge of the NDT, MDT diagnostic approaches, to utilise them for an effective control and assessment of the building that they have in charge. This document is based on several tables where the end-users can find the correct approach to the solution of their problems in terms of applicable diagnostic techniques and descriptions of the main available methods.

Documentation Type: Booklet and CD
Details: Recommendations for End-Users � D11.3 � English and Italian
Status: PU
Current stage of development:

Other: Text (already prepared) is going to be processed in order to provide navigation capability and will be integrated in a CD with all the deliverables of the projects and summarised in a printed booklet.

Potential offered for further dissemination and use:

This final deliverable and result synthesises the complex of the exploitation strategy, based on the growth of sensibility of the end users in the modern diagnostic and assessment methods, in order to force the creation of a standard and the relevant market for services.

Profile of additional partner(s) for further dissemination and use

"Intermediate" end users: designers (engineers or architects) which need the maximum of knowledge of the building to be restored in order to develop a good project without "surprises" during the works; companies or groups of professionals which intend to sell services in the market of diagnostics;

"Final end users": Public institutions that are the "owners" of the Monuments or are charged of its management or conservation.

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