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OASIS3 user guide

This document presents the OASIS3 coupler software that allows synchronized exchanges of coupling information between numerical models representing different sub-systems of the climate system.

To communicate with OASIS3 or to perform I/O actions, the component models need to include few specific calls to the PRISM Model Interface Library, PSMILe, which are first described.

The OASIS3 configuration file into which the user has to define all coupling and I/O parameters and the transformations required for each coupling field is presented.

The different transformations and 2D interpolations (gaussian weighted nearest neighbour, bilinear, bi-cubic, conservative re-mapping, etc.) available in OASIS3 to express, on the grid of a target model, the coupling fields produced by a source model on its grid, are detailed. All additional auxiliary data files required by OASIS3 are also described.

Finally, some explanations on how to compile OASIS3 using the PRISM Standard Compiling Environment and run a coupled model with OASIS3 using the PRISM Standard Running Environment are given.

The different annexes of the document describe the different types of grids supported by OASIS3, the changes between the different versions, the Copyright statement, and list the coupled model realized with OASIS.

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