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The MPI-Met model adaptation: prototype for PRISM model adaptation

The Max Planck Institute for Meteorology (MPI-Met) in Hamburg, Germany has developed global and regional climate models of the atmosphere, the ocean and the cryosphere as well as models describing biophysical and biogeochemical processes. All these models represent important components of the Earth System.

The PRISM project has been established to enhance the efficiency of earth system modelling through development of a common coupling software infrastructure under standardised coding conventions. The software comprises the coupler OASIS3 and its associated libraries for grid and time transformation of exchange data, for model I/O in netCDF format (CF meta-data Convention) and for time control of the experiments. In addition, standardised and portable compilation and running environments (SCE and SRE) have been developed to facilitate compilation and execution of coupled models.

As one result of PRISM the MPI-Met models are adapted to the PRISM environments: The component models ECHAM5 (atmosphere), MPI-OM (ocean and ice), HAMOCC (bio-geo-chemistry) and MOZART (chemistry) are adapted to the PRISM Standard Compile Environment (SCE). The atmosphere model and the ocean model are coupled via the PRISM coupler OASIS3. Appropriate calls to the PSMILe library are implemented in the models' source codes. Several coupled configurations of the MPI-Met component models have been adapted to the Standard Running Environment (SRE), e.g. MPI-AO (ECHAM5 + MPI-OM), MPI-OB (MPI-OM + HAMOCC) and MPI-AOB (ECHAM5 + MPI-OM + HAMOCC).

The MPI-Met coupled model configuration MPI-AO (also known as ECHO) was used as a prototype at the PRISM Training Session held in June 2003 in Hamburg. It was used to demonstrate the PRISM environments and the coupler OASIS3 as well as the implementation of the PSMILe calls in state-of-the-art GCMs.

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