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The PRISM CVS repository

A central CVS repository was installed at CSCS on machine bedano. It is organised according to the PRISM standard directory tree. It contains source code of all PRISM models that had been adapted to the Standard Compile and Running Environments (SCE and SRE). Besides, tools for model compilation and execution as well as input data tar-files are included. Within the project phase the models and scripts had been freely available for all PRISM members.

To facilitate the download, CVS modules have been defined for all coupled model combinations. The modules are made up from the coupled model name in capital letters. For each coupled model combination three modules have been defined. The first module (extention SRC) contains the source code of the component models and libraries as well as the scripting utilise for compilation and execution. The second module (extention DATA) embraces the input data needed for a coupled model run. A third module (no extention) combines all of the above. This allows the user to download all that is needed to compile and run a coupled model experiment typing a single command.

The sources combined as a module are tested in that coupled configuration on several PRISM sites.

The repository is available from several remote machines via direct connection (p-server method). Besides, a web interface was installed.

Standards for the tagging of source code and scripts have been developed. The commitment of model and library source code to the bedano repository happened in close cooperation with the developing institutes.

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