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The PRISM data processing and visualisation system

Tools and techniques for processing and visualizing climate model data have been reviewed, extended and developed to prove that they can meet the wide range of requirements of climate modellers. Demonstration applications have been created that prove that data can be stored, read, processed and displayed in a variety of ways using the chosen tools.

For processing data, a package called coco has been developed which builds on the existing CDAT package. For high quality interactive visualisation, two packages, OpenDX and VTK, have been examined. OpenDX incorporates a visual programming editor that enables visualisation applications with graphical user interfaces to be developed. VTK has a Python scripting information to enable it to be used from within scripts or from a command line, though coupled with the Qt library; graphical applications have also been developed. Finally architecture for the system has been designed and a prototype has been developed for monitoring model runs by automatically producing plots as the model progresses. This system uses coco and VCS to generate plots on a periodic basis.

Consideration has been given to ways of unifying these different packages. The ParaGen system defines standard ways for writing scripts and describing their interfaces through use of an XML schema. The XML colour editor provides ways of defining standard colour tables that can be used by different graphics packages to help ensure that plots from different packages use similar colour scales if required.

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