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Ocean models and PRISM

Two ocean general circulation models were adapted to the PRISM software: OPA (version 8.2 from IPSL, Paris) only for the ocean-atmosphere interface to OASIS 3 and MPI-OM (from MPI-M, Hamburg).

Dissemination and use potential:
- Available from PRISM bedano CVS server;
- Key innovative features.

Current status and use:
- The ECHAM5/MPI-OM PRISM set up is now used for the IPCC runs at MPI-M in Hamburg;

- The OPA System Team has announced the intention to release the OPA9 version within the PRISM SCE environment if possible (final decision in February 2005, if evolutions of PRISM SCE are suitable);

- ECMWF in Reading plans an extensive use of OPA9 and the PRISM environment for its seasonal forecast activities.

Expected benefits:
- Easier to assemble ESM;
- Increased scientific collaboration in ESM.

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