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The PRISM SRE software

The PRISM Standard Running Environment (SRE) is a central aspect of the PRISM infrastructure. It is closely related to the PRISM Standard Compiling Environment (SCE). It provides a common and user-friendly frame for the execution of climate modelling experiments and defines standards for many aspects of Earth System modelling, beginning with the organisation of initial data and ending with the post-processing and visualisation of experiment results.

Because of the large number of models and platforms used within the European climate modelling community, and taking into consideration the quick development of both software and hardware, the SRE is designed in a flexible and open way. The environment is easily extendable to accommodate new models and platforms.

An important aspect of the SRE is a well-defined Unix directory tree. It provides room for all that is needed to run a coupled model experiment: source code of the component models (including the coupler), in- and output data and executables of several independent experiments that might run simultaneously, as well as the compiling and runtime utilities.

Scripts for model execution are specific for the component model, the coupled model constellation and the platform the model is supposed to run on. The SRE does not comprise ready-to-use scripts, but provides a comprehensive set of utilities to generate standardised scripts specific to the model and to the user's platform. The scripts are assembled from a base of small files, called header files, containing script code fragments. These fragments are specific for a model or a platform or both, or they can be used for all models on all platforms. The method allows for easy adaptation to newly coupled models or new platforms as model and site dependent sections are clearly identified. Besides, maintenance is small, as there is little redundant code.

The scripts generated within the SRE (i.e. scripts for model integration, data pre- or post-processing, visualisation, and archiving of output data) give a common look & feel for every model adapted to the PRISM infrastructure. This minimises the effort to set-up and run coupled model experiments. The standards also help designing and running new coupled models and facilitate porting activities to new platforms. Cooperation between different centres and scientists is facilitated.

Once a model is integrated in the SRE it profits from easy portability to all other PRISM platform, support from the PRISM Team and from future updates of the system.

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