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The PRISM Toyclim Coupled Model Adaptation Guide

This document presents the details of the PRISM TOYCLIM coupled model, using the OASIS3 coupler. TOYCLIM is a toy-coupled model, i.e. a coupled model involving component models with no real physics but reproducing a realistic coupling exchange (parallel decomposition, size and number of coupling fields, interpolation and other operations, frequencies of coupling or I/O, etc.) and therefore testing the coupler functionality.

TOYCLIM is a coupling between 3 different component models, two of which have the same numerical grid. It tests different OASIS3 transformations and interpolations needed to express, on the grid of a target model, the coupling fields produced by a source model on its grid. TOYCLIM also shows a practical example on how to communicate with OASIS3 or to perform I/O actions via few specific calls to the PRISM System Model Interface Library, PSMILe.

OASIS3 and its toy coupled model have been compiled and successfully run on Fujitsu VPP5000, NEC SX6, SGI Octane and 03000, IBM Power4, COMPAQ Alpha cluster and Linux PC cluster, and have been used in the PRISM demonstration runs.

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