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The MPI-Met PRISM Earth System Model Adaptation Guide

The MPI-Met PRISM Earth System Model Adaptation Guide describes how the component models developed at the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology in Hamburg, Germany (MPI-Met) is adapted to the PRISM software. This includes the implementation of the coupling software (OASIS3, PSMILe) into the models' source codes and the adaptation to the Standard Compile Environment (SCE) and the Standard Running Environment (SRE). It explains, how the system can be used to run coupled model experiments and how to extended it. The Adaptation Guide addresses model users as well as developers. The 66 pages contain several tables and figures. As the MPI-Met Earth System component models as well as the PRISM coupler and the environments are evolving, the handbook will be updated regularly. The current version (1st edition) is describing the PRISM system release prism_2-4. It is available on the web in html format or as a pdf document.

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