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Techno-economic review of technical options currently available for sludge preparation

A comprehensive techno-economic review of the technical options currently available for the handling and preparation of sewage sludge was carried out by STC. This review encompassed all major types of preparation systems and included an assessment of sludge transportation systems, mechanical drying equipment (belt filter presses, decanter centrifuges and filter presses) as well as composting systems. In each category, systems commercially available were noted and their main characteristics compared.

It was concluded that the assessment system adopted in the study would allow for an objective overview of the different systems currently available. As sludge properties can vary widely, it is crucial that the appropriate type of handling and preparation system is selected for a commercial application. Thus, the present work has produced a decision-making table of the various preparation systems, allowing for the selection of the most appropriate technology for a particular type of sludge. This will help minimise technical risk associated with the selection and deployment of a suitable system as part of a sludge gasification-CHP scheme, as well as in other potential applications.

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