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5 transgenic wheat lines expressing glgC16

A number of glgC16 transgenic lines were produced of these 5 were selected for further analysis. Biogemma/Ulice will multiply all 5 lines in the US this year.

Activities of enzymes in starch synthesis and degradation and gluconeogenic enzymes in both the wild type and transgenic glgC16 lines did not show any significant differences. Lines 577.1 and 521.1c contained similar starch content to the wildtype, whilst lines 540.4x, 540.2b and 521.1a contained significantly higher amounts of starch. UDPG, ADPG, glucose-6-phosphate and glucose-1-phosphate levels did not differ between wild type and glgC16 lines. The levels of glucose, sucrose and fructose were lower in the transgenic glgC16 lines. The total grain weight in one line, 521.1c, was 39% higher than the mean of the other lines.

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