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Genetic constructs for ADPGT and related data

Five lines from immature seed from the ADPGT sense peptide 1 have been identified with increased amounts of peptide one. These lines are now available for sowing and ultimately progression to homozygous seed batches. Four lines of the ADPG-transporter, RNAi peptide 1 were generated and a significant reduction in RNA levels was observed in two lines. All lines will now be grown and ultimately progressed to homozygous seed batches. Three ADPGT transporter peptide 2, the wheat brittle-1 constructs have been used to generate an RNAi and an over expression construct suitable for plant transformation. 20 lines of either sense or RNAi have now been produced. These are currently being grown for seed. Expression analysis of the seed will then be made and lines selected for subsequent growth and progression to homozygosity.

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Cambridge Science Park 200, Hilton Road
United Kingdom
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