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Management guidelines, policy recommendations and dissemination of results

The objectives of this work package are to disseminate and discuss relevant information concerning the results of the Nat-Man project to the different interest parties, to decide upon the implications of the findings on management of beeches and forests, and, consequently, produce a set of guidelines and policy recommendations for sustainable forest management.

The guidelines include the main "take-home messages" from each work-package in the Nat-Man project. They are the outcome of an iterative process between work-package leaders and core end-users (policy makers, forest practitioners and researchers). The inputs from core end-users were primarily achieved through a series of workshops held at the final Nat-Man conference in Denmark, where the guidelines were discussed in "practice meets research sessions".

Typically 8-15 persons participated in each session. The main messages have been published in 6 small guidelines written in a clear and straightforward way to "people out there". One overall guideline aims towards policy recommendations and the other 5 guidelines cover important topics of the Nat-Man project. The guidelines are oriented towards practice - thus fitting in nicely with all the other dissemination activities of the project. These include the publication of 59 working papers, scientific papers (approx. 48), newsletters, workshops, a book summarising and synthesising the main findings from the Nat-Man project (to be published in Elsevier), and the final Nat-Man conference. To reach a largest and widest audience as possible an Internet home was developed ( Here, the newsletters, working reports, management guidelines and other publications are disseminated to all end-users and made available for download.

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