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Review book

The objective of this work-package is to synthesise findings on past- and present-natural dynamics and the contemporary management of European beech forests in a book readily available for end-users - by delivering and evaluating relevant, practical and scientifically-founded policy recommendations and management guidelines for sustainable forest management of beech in Europe. The book will take the form of a scientific review book acting as a key reference point for people interested in natural forests and nature-based forest management.

The book will review how European beech forests have developed, how they function naturally, and identify sustainable forms of management based on natural processes and features. The tentative title is: "Beech Forest in Europe: Their History, Ecology and Nature-Based Management". This title and the extended outline of the proposed chapters have been submitted to CAB International (Wallingford, UK) and approved for publishing.

The book includes nine chapters:
- Chapter 1: The distribution and composition of Beech Forests in Europe;
- Chapter 2: Long-term development of European beech forests;
- Chapter 3: Historic use and contemporary management of European beech forests;
- Chapter 4: Stand dynamics in natural beech forests in Europe;
- Chapter 5: Genetic variation in European beech and its relevance for management;
- Chapter 6: Biodiversity conservation and management in European beech forests;
- Chapter 7: Principles of nature-based forest management;
- Chapter 8: Practice of nature-based beech forest management;
- Chapter 9: Deadwood in European beech forests.

The book will make available an important knowledge base to a wide audience of practitioners and policy makes interested in forests, forest science, and the application of nature-based forestry and conservation management. Accordingly, the book will help facilitate the implementation of the pan-European Forestry Policy and Environment Policy of the European Commission, aimed at developing more natural forests and use more natural forms of forest management.

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