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Stand Model: Regenerator - a forest regeneration model

The objective of the study was to develop an integrated model of gap regeneration in beech forests, able to evaluate the consequences of forest management systems on tree regeneration and biodiversity at the stand level. Regenerator was created as a regeneration model for beech forests that can be used to study the effect of a number of processes on regeneration, i.e. competition between individual saplings and their interaction with the biotic and abiotic environment.

The model Regenerator was used to calculate a number of scenarios to investigate alternative silvicultural methods for conversion of even-aged beech stands to uneven-aged management in three different regions in Europe. Regeneration in gaps was an important parameter, but the model is flexible enough to include other management options.

The database used did not, however, allow for predictions of regeneration to a precision that is useful for forest management planning. Regenerator is therefore more a scientific and educational tool than a planning tool.

The regeneration predicted with Regenerator in the scenarios resembled in density, height development, and species composition observations by forest managers from those forest types. This qualitative test of the model indicates that Regenerator is a valid representation of the regeneration system and that the model within certain bounds can be used to predict regeneration.

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