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Silvicultural management guideline

Project results provided important insights in the process of forest conversion through introduction of broadleaf species. At first, assessment of site quality is a key prerequisite for successful broadleaf species introduction, especially when dealing with more nutrient-demanding ones such as sycamore maple. Furthermore, the water regime of the site plays an important role in the establishment of the broadleaf plants. However, despite of assumed strong below-ground competition between planted beeches and mature Norway spruce trees, the results showed that 6 to 8 years after the planting, the young beech trees rooted much deeper than old spruces and thus were avoiding strong root competition.

Due to different rooting strata, beech saplings were less susceptible to drought. Light environment together with plant nutrition significantly influenced the performance of planted broadleaves, which was mirrored also by ecophysiological measurements such as photosynthetic performance and sap flow. Light quality and quantity reaching the under-planted saplings together with the competition within the regeneration layer were the determining parameters for quality of under-planted beeches. Plant quality decreased when beech saplings were growing in wide spacing under more open spruce shelter. On the other hand, light intensities below 15-10 % in the open negatively influenced the crown shape and branch diameter.

The results improved the scientific knowledge regarding below-ground root competition, nutrient limitations and adaptation to low light intensity. As important for the forest practice, the project could establish relationship between plant quality and Norway spruce shelter. The major applied task of the SUSTMAN project was to translate and to transport scientific knowledge applicable for silvicultural methods such as plant number, spacing, treatment of the spruce shelter etc. to forest practice. This objective was achieved in the Management guideline as key instrument for the dissemination of the management relevant results. This guideline is available with contributions from all project members in English and in languages of participating countries. A short version of the guideline provided a condensed insight to broadleaf species introduction as well as an overview of the basic applicable results.

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