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Biophysical properties of sodium and potassium voltage-dependent channels during myogenesis of satellite cells from donors of different ages

To understand if the electrophysiological features of the cells such as the resting membrane potential and the properties of the voltage-gated potassium and sodium currents depend on age we performed electrophysiological experiments on cells cultured from differently aged donors.

Recordings of Na-currents showed the presence of both TTX-resistant and TTX-sensitive components. Current density and kinetics properties were only slightly and not significantly different in the old and middle-aged cells. Outward K-currents with delayed rectifier or non-inactivating properties and inward K-currents have been recorded. The percentage of cells expressing outward and inward potassium currents were lower in cells derived from the oldest donors. Cells from the older donors showed, on the average a more negative activation potential of outward currents. Potassium current properties seem to be related to the donor age.

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Department of Physics, Warsaw Agricultural University
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