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Validation of the concept of haptic metaphor

Overview of MUVII ITD.

From the various tests we carried out (some sessions were the topic of an important marketing study we can summarize that the added value of the haptic device in interactive theatres comes from:

- More intuitive access to the content: to grasp an object, the user has simply to carry on the action of grasping. The action on a joystick is most of the time a mediator to another action; on the contrary, the ITD gives direct access to the action. As a consequence, there is also lower need of training, and therefore an immediate enjoyment/satisfaction in the experience.

- More freedom of use: the device is not jointly attached to a console as the joystick or a button is; the new ITD gives therefore more autonomy to the user, who is not stick to the hardware ergonomics. It the case of the ITD, this is the reverse: the ergonomics follows the movements of the user; the user can displace his/her arms and hands in his normal range of operation.

- More immersion in the interactive show: the better intuitiveness leads to a truly physical involvement of the visitors, the involvement into the content goes beyond other interfaces. Also, stimuli of the tactile and force adds new components to the multi-sensorial experience proposed to the visitors; it contributes to the sensorial captivation of the visitors, that are really surrounded by the experience: image, sound, touch, forces. Most of the senses are now captivated by the interactive experience. The experience leaves a stronger impact and memories to the visitor.

- More innovative approach: the innovative character of the device is itself a factor of added value in an environment in demand for new, interactive experiences; in particular, tactile and force feedback are until now not the most offered to visitors.

Overview of MUVII IKD.

The opportunity of having a natural "look and feel" environment for teaching purposes is very promising indeed. MUVII IKD demonstrates new interaction paradigms in a novel integration of interaction modalities: 3D-vision, 3D-audio and haptic (force and tactile) feedback. The most current educational applications are based on audio and visual metaphors. IKD applications and the corresponding trial results proved the concept that haptics metaphor - that consists of force and tactile feedback - facilitate the users to better immerse in the virtual world and perceive the concepts of the Educational Applications.

From a constructivist point of view what is really needed in several educational sectors, like physics, is a chance for the students to experience the effect of simple mechanics, and thereby allow them to gradually (but steadily) alter their preconceived ideas to the correct ones in a way that these will remain steady over time.

MUVII IKD Virtual-experimental set-up allows us for the first time to give to the students a chance to feel such an experience. The H3DI allows the user to feel the gravitational forces, the force-feedback of throwing objects and the tactile-feedback of the various surfaces.

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