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2 DOF wearable haptic device

Thanks to the CEA LIST, extensive knowledge of haptics, specific robotics design methodology, and dimensioning and optimisation tools, a major step was covered towards the development of intuitive and effective wearable haptic devices, with a variety of new potential commercial applications.

In particular, an innovative and patent pending 2DOF wearable haptic interface with force and tactile feedback was developed. It allows power grasp intuitive manipulation of virtual tools. Wireless 6DOF tracking allows free hand movements (range of motion around wrist axes exceeds 70° while the device can be freely moved over more than 1 meter). High-end actuation stage enables more than 5N high quality force feedback in hand, rendering realistic interactions between the virtual tools and the environment. Moreover, tactile actuators also allow shape and textures exploration and recognition.

These breakthroughs compared with traditional pointing devices like mice or joysticks allowing basic 2DOF target control on screen without feedback enable a better immersion of users in a virtual world, as they become real actors. This was verified with cultural group interaction applications in an Immersive Theatre Demonstrator. This could be applied more generally to every kind of edutainment applications, either in theme parks on in general public home entertainment (video games).

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