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6 DOF wearable haptic device

Thanks to the CEA LIST, extensive knowledge of haptics, specific robotics design methodology, and dimensioning and optimisation tools, a major step was covered towards the development of intuitive and effective wearable haptic devices, with a variety of new potential commercial applications.

In particular, an innovative and patent pending 6DOF wearable haptic interface with force and tactile feedback was developed. It allows fine and intuitive finger manipulation of virtual objects. Wireless 6DOF tracking allows free hand movements (range of motion exceeds fingers one while the device can be freely moved over more than 1 meter). High-end actuation stage enables around 5N high quality force feedback, allowing realistic interactions with the virtual environment. Moreover, tactile actuators also allow shape and textures exploration.

These breakthroughs allow better performances than State of the Art research and commercial products. To date, it was used in an Interactive Kiosk Demonstrator with educational applications. More generally, it could be applied to every kind of edutainment applications (theme parks or home entertainment). It could also be associated with a force feedback master arm or an arm exoskeleton to allow richer interactions, with potential applications in industry (virtual prototyping and assembly, ergonomics and safety standards definition) or in re-education.

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