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New paradigm for hand-free user interfaces; introduction of haptic feedback in edutainment domain

The project lead to the development of user interfaces providing haptic feedback to applications aimed at large public, and potentially large throughput. More specifically, the area of edutainment has been assessed, opening new man-machine interfaces to large public.

The goal is to add new feedback to virtual reality applications, to improve the existing means of feedback (visual, aural), to reach the maximal immersion of the visitors in the virtual worlds they are discovering.

It is the very first time, in the world, that such a development is achieved, as accurate haptic feedback was until this project, restricted to the fields of science and industry, i.e. research. The specifications of the project imply the unique features of providing that feedback to a large and untrained public.

The project is aimed at the market of edutainment, the museums (sciences museums in particular), and theme parks.

The project led to an integrated demonstrator of the technology, involving cultural assets dissemination. It consists in a paleontological search simulator where the public discover Russian vestiges of the Past. The visitor uses the ITD device to dig the soil, to clean the virtual assets, and to ask question about the history of those assets; the presentation is followed as a group, and involves group interaction.

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