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Using tactile feedback as an additional communication channel for vehicle operators including pilots and crane drivers

Tactile technology, what is it?

Walking in the park with your girlfriend and you squeeze her hand, and she squeezes back that is tactile feedback.

At Laval Virtual 2004 many users expressed surprise and enthusiasm over the added tactile information provided by the MUVII Interactive Theatre and Kiosk Devices. This new communication channel opens up five basic areas for exploitation.

Using "Touch" as well as sight to operate equipment:

When operating or steering equipment from cars to planes to cranes, the operators visual attention should normally be outside the equipment. Tactile technology expands the operator interface to receive additional information through a separate touch channel. This is especially relevant in critical situations where important information may otherwise be "overlooked".

For example the car driver could receive navigation information through his fingertips instead of needing to look at a screen. The crane driver could even "feel" to pick up or place an object where his vision was obscured. A ROV operator might "feel" where he cannot see.

We have constructed and patented a small device that converts electrical signals to small movements that can be felt. This device is referred to as a tactile motor; it has a small active surface about the size of a fingertip.

One or more tactile motors can be mounted in steering wheels, joysticks or manipulating handles under the operator's fingertips. In this way the fingers simultaneously "feel" the sensor and/or navigation information while his vision remains 100% outside of the equipment.

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