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Using tactile feedback for PC game interaction and tactile WEB surfing

Tactile technology, what is it?

Walking in the park with your girlfriend and you squeeze her hand, and she squeezes back that is tactile feedback.

At Laval Virtual 2004 many users expressed surprise and enthusiasm over the added tactile information provided by the MUVII Interactive Theatre and Kiosk Devices. This new communication channel opens up five basic areas for exploitation.

Adding tactile feedback to PC games and Internet surfing:

This is a huge mass-market area. Think of a new tactile pointing device, which not only enables you to position the cursor (mouse) but also allows the application, and the operating system to give tactile feedback to the user through his or her finger tips. Force feedback is already part of the gamer's world. To this we can add the subtlety of tactile feedback for surface contours and textures, or tactile motion patterns that can be directly associated with different game states or occurrences. Similarly for Internet sales, tactile technology could be used to let users, feel textures of materials and clothes etc.

We have constructed and patented a small device that converts electrical signals to small movements that can be felt. This device is referred to as a tactile motor; it has a small active surface about the size of a fingertip.

Several tactile motors can be mounted in a tactile pointing device to stimulate the operator�s fingertipsh. In this way the fingers simultaneously �feel� game or texture etc. information complementing the visual.

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