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Pro-ENbis web page

The web page was identified as an area of weakness in the First Year Progress Report. Maintenance of the site had fallen behind in some respects. Immediate steps to rectify this were initiated by the Coordinator. This included the appointment of a dedicated Web Master for Pro-ENBIS (John Logsdon) to remedy the immediate issues, to maintain and update the web page.

A consultation visit to UNEW (CO1) took place in November 2003. The meeting was very successful and a strategy for improving the website was developed. One of the major improvements planned and implemented was the transferring of tables containing details of all the deliverables (workshops, industrial visits, journal papers, articles, software and books) onto the member area of the pro-enbis website.

John Logsdon (JL) of Quantex Research Ltd agreed to help with maintenance, with particular emphasis on the Pro-ENBIS site. This was finally put into effect in April 2003, working closely with the project coordinators at ISRU.

The Pro-ENBIS web site is a sub-directory of the main ENBIS web site and was developed originally by Jeroen de Mast's with help from the developers at Taomi Internet Consultants. The site can be reached either from the ENBIS site at, from the sub-domain set up by TIC at or via Note that will direct the user back to the ENBIS site.

Members are appointed so there is less administration but the site has rather more content that reflects the activity of the Pro-ENBIS function. There are a number of publicly available sections:

News contains chronological events, latest first, and is presented first to the viewer.
About Pro-ENBIS describes the mission of the thematic network. Contacts has links to the Co-ordinator, Contractors, Members and Steering Committee
Work Packages has links to the Work Packages.

Further sections - and links from the Work Packages - are available only to Members. These are:
- Forum where members can discuss issues
- A list of meetings both forthcoming and historical
- Actions is a list of open and closed actions.

Each Work Package has reports and some of these are available only to Members.

A new section has been added which contains:
- Management Reports etc,
- Pro-forma Templates,
- A standardised Questionnaire and
- Standard Cost statement template and links to the CORDIS site for information.

These are mainly required by Work Package Leaders.

- Workshops,
- Visits,
- Books,
- Other publications and
- Software generated by the various work pages.

All these results are in a simple format.

Members' News
All issues that relate to Members that are not for public dissemination have been moved to a Members' News section. These include announcements of new information and results available and links. This page has been made retrospective so the old Members' information is no longer visible from the front page.

Some of the results for Pro-ENBIS have been linked to the ENBIS site so that ENBIS members can see what is available. This has been done by symbolic links on the server so that any update to the Pro-ENBIS page is automatically reflected on the ENBIS site.

Close collaboration has also been maintained both with the main ENBIS Webmaster (JdM) and the service supplier (Taomi). This has continued to ensure timely response in all these matters.

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