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Workshop for Business and Management - DEINDE conference - Caligari Sardinia Italy - 31st May 2003

Pro-ENBIS Workshop for Business and Management "Designed experiments within a problem solving framework with examples in management and the service sector"
Workshop held at Is Molas Hotel & Golf Club Conference Centre, Santa Margherita of Pula – Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy. Organised by the Pro-ENBIS working group on DOE, Warwick University/LSE LSER.STA (CR34).

The workshop was attended by 25 delegates.

Pro-ENBIS was fortunate in being able to attach its Workshop on Design of Experiments to the Conference DEINDE, which took place during the previous week. This meant that people were able to stay on for the Pro-ENBIS Workshop. Thanks should go particularly to Daniele Romano and his team who had the task of being the local organisers of both events. The superb location in Sardinia added to what was a very pleasant occasion.

Although DEINDE was not formally part of the Pro-ENBIS activity a few notes should be made on it. DEINDE is a conference that has been taking place in northern Italy over the last several years. It was set up deliberately to cover the design and analysis of industrial experiments. DEINDE 2003 was particularly innovative in that it covered the application of experimental design to the service sector. There were a number of excellent papers covering the improvements in business process via the use of experimental design techniques and modelling. Because of the newness of the area it could be said that practically every paper represented an innovation and the willingness to in a way experiment with experimental design in the service sector was impressive.

The Pro-ENBIS Workshop
The talks at the workshop were given largely by Pro-ENBIS members with the audience being from academia and industry. The three main talks by Grazia Vicario, Raffaelo Levi, Henry Wynn, Stephano Barone and Alberto Lombardo all covered interesting physical industrial processes cutting, mixing, sticking and so on. The talks showed a high level of sophistication in the use of experimental design and the also the relationship with the underlying science and engineering. Tony Greenfield demonstrated the latest version of his teaching process simulator that was extremely well received.

The double event was, as mentioned, very enjoyable and productive. Participation by industry was quite good but could have been better for the Workshop but the 25 attendees in fact exceeded expectations. The DEINDE Workshop has had a catalytic effect on the use of industrial experimentation in Italy and is something of a role model, which could be used elsewhere in Europe.

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