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Workshop in Datamining Eurandom 23rd-25th April 03

Joint Workshop on Statistical Datamining held 23rd & 24th April 2003 at EURANDOM, Eindhoven, The Netherlands (EURAN.ISG (CR2)). The workshop was funded jointly by Eurandom & Pro-ENBIS

In total there were 46 delegates (10 are members of Pro-ENBIS)

Pro-ENBIS member organisations who participated are EURAN.ISG (CR2), CR6, BUSTATS (MB7), UAM.IBIS (CR10), URJC.GECD (MB13), UEOT.DPTS (MB15), TUWRO.IPEA (MB33), KPA (MB32),

EURANDOM has had a long relationship to the ENBIS network and as work package leader is able to draw on its own experience in the area of statistical data mining and related areas. Indeed, EURANDOM had run two previous workshops in broadly this area and was able to draw on its experience to put on a successful workshop as a Pro-ENBIS partner. EURANDOM had, fortuitously, also made the area its leading area within the statistical programme of EURANDOM. For example there were parallel grant applications in the area. In particular, EURANDOM is a partner on the EU 6th Frame Network of Excellence grant application, PASCAL, for which contract negotiations are currently taking place.

Statistical data mining and statistical learning:
Another beneficial aspect of the involvement with data mining is the wider heading of computational and statistical learning. The subject is probably the fastest moving area of statistics. It is driven by the need to perform data analysis and modelling on very large data sets. The activity can range from relatively standard clustering methodologies to sophisticated use of kernel-based methods which are able in addition to more standard curve fitting styles are able to detect unforeseen patters in the data. A brief summary of a current review of the area is that data can be split broadly into model plus patterns plus noise.

The Meeting:
The meeting divided broadly into general theoretical and conceptual session on the first day and more practical and hands on talks on the second day, although, of course, theory and application was mixed throughout the workshop. Perhaps the most attractive feature of the workshop was the coming together of leading members of the statistical and the computer science community. Thus David Hand, Jerry Friedman and Alan Carr, each of whom described the challenges of the subject and why it was non-standard from a statistical point of view, represented the statistical community very well. Jacqueline Meulman gave an interesting talk from a more social science perspective and Petra Perner and Arno Siebes spoke more from a computer science/IT perspective.

It had always been the intention to include a practical session and Andrea Ahlemeyer-Stubbe and Elsa Jordaan represented this area well. The first in relation to marketing and the second in relationship to statistical process control. Elsa works for Dow Chemical and had just completed her PhD in the area. Other notable industrial participation was from Philips Research.

This was a very well received workshop and the useful items can be listed as follows:
- Helping to establish data mining at a high technical level within the Pro-ENBIS framework.
- Establishing good links between Pro-ENBIS and the US particularly to the National Institute of Statistics (Director Alan Carr).
- Involvement of Industry.
- This was not enough but the contacts with Dow and Phillips are good and should be built upon enhancing of networking for Pro-ENBIS via EURANDOM (e.g. to Pascal).

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