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Statistical modelling for web usage mining - London business Briefing 2003

The aim of the paper is to show how the information, concerning the order in which the pages of a web site are visited, can be profitably used to predict the visit behaviour at the site. Usually every click corresponds to the visualization of a web page. Thus, a web click-stream defines the sequence of the web pages requested by a user. Such a sequence identifies a user session.

Typically, a web mining analysis only concentrates on the part of each user session concerning the access at one specific site. The set of the pages seen in a user session, on a determinate site, is usually referred to with the term server session or, more simply, visit.

Our objective here is to show how web click-stream data can be used to understand the most likely paths of navigation in a web site, with the aim of predicting, possibly on-line, which pages will be seen, having seen a specific path of pages in the past. Such analysis can be very useful to understand, for instance, what is the probability of seeing a page of interest (such as the buying page in an e-commerce site) coming from a specified page. Or what is the probability of entering or (exiting) the web site from any particular page.

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