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Project ID: G6RT-CT-2001-05059
Finanziato nell'ambito di: FP5-GROWTH
Paese: United Kingdom

Six Sigma workshops - Nissan motor manufacturing, tyne & wear, UK

The Industrial Statistics Research Unit of University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne held an Industrial workshop at Nissan, Tyne and Wear. The idea of this was to bring Manufacturing companies who wished to improve their products and processes through techniques of planned measurement and analysis. For this particular event we titled our workshop "How to implement Six Sigma without becoming Sick Sigma as a parrot".

Six-Sigma itself is a structured methodology that allows companies to dramatically improve their bottom line by designing and monitoring business processes in ways that minimise waste and resources whilst improving customer satisfaction.

It is a continuous improvement process focusing on the following within an organisation:
- Customer requirements;
- Process improvement;
- Cross-structural co-operation;
- Improving their bottom line;
- The benefits of statistical techniques and analysis.

Reported by

University of Newcastle upon Tyne
ISRU Stephenson Centre
NE1 7RU Newcastle upon Tyne
United Kingdom