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Workshop in Statistical Methods for Evaluating the Effectiveness of Advertising Rimini 25th -26th Sept 2002

Following the Second Conference on Business and Industrial Statistics (which took place in Rimini on September 23 and 24, 2002), a workshop on Statistical Methods for Evaluating the Effectiveness of Advertising was given at the Department of Statistics of the Universita' di Bologna (the Rimini branch) in co-operation with ENBIS. The workshop was organised in view of the recognition that measurement of consumers' response to advertising should play a leading role in advertising strategy planning by both companies and media centres.

App. 20 workshop participants from different European countries listened to the topics covered by four lecturers (Elisa Montaguti, Sergio Brasini and Giorgio Tassinari of the Universita’ di Bologna as well as Vittorio Bonori of Optimedia). Their lectures were an interesting mixture of theory and practice as shown in the following overview of topics:

- Relationship between advertising and market structures.
- The role of advertising as a relevant component in the marketing mix strategies.
- Advertising, brand equity and brand awareness.
- Advertising and alternative strategies of media planning.
- Reasons for measuring the effectiveness of advertising expenditures.
- Identification of the most suitable statistical data for the measurement process.
- The role of research in advertising.
- Measures and models for evaluating memorial and behavioural effectiveness of advertising.
- Case histories: presentation and discussion.

The workshop was a very useful introduction to the field, since it covered a broad variety of topics. Follow-up workshops and courses will elaborate on specific issues in detail - that the demand exists, was proven by the response of participants.

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