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A data analytical approach to FMEA

The network economy is more or less commonplace to all of us. This applies also in service business: the service production process combines several individual players, who together produce the service experience for the user. This paper presents concepts of total service offering (TSO), and service production network (SPN), pointing out the complexity of service quality.

Total service offering includes the whole service package offered to the customer. Besides the core service, it may contain several supporting and facilitating services (and goods) as well. The different parts of the Total Service Offering may be produced by various independent service providers (SP). SPs participating into the TSO production process form a service production network (SPN). When the production process of TSO is decentralised, the provider of the core service cannot directly control the service quality of TSO. In case of quality problem, the negative feedback is usually directed towards the brand owner, who usually is the core service provider as well. This means, that the task of building quality into the service production process is even more challenging and crucial task for service providers than it has been before.

The complexity of this problem is illustrated with the case of developing smart card based electronic services. Individual actors of a network focus in restricted parts of the quality being incapable to manage the Total Quality of the TSO. As a result, a framework clarifying the roles of individual actors in developing the total quality of TSO is presented.

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