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ECMI 2004 Congress - 21st - 25th June 2004. Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands

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Organisational background ECMI stands for European Consortium for Mathematics in Industry ( ECMI was founded in 1986 by mathematicians from ten European universities. The aims of ECMI are to promote the use of mathematical models in industry and to educate industrial mathematicians to meet the growing demand for such experts. ECMI activities include a two-yearly major congress and an educational programme with modelling weeks, courses etc. The goals of ECMI and ENBIS are quite similar.

The major difference is that ENBIS concentrates on statistical methods, while ECMI has its roots in mathematical analysis (modelling with differential equations) and numerical analysis. In other words, ECMI concentrates on deterministic models, which ENBIS concentrates on stochastic models. The ECMI board felt that a concentration on deterministic models only was artificial and would like to be open a broad view on mathematics, which also encompasses statistics. As a first step ECMI has invited ENBIS and pro-ENBIS to be co-organizers of the ECMI 2004 congress ( Two (pro-) ENBIS statisticians (Bisgaard and Ruggieri) were therefore invited as plenary speakers at ECMI 2004.

In summary, the ECMI 2004 congress offers an opportunity for two major European organisations to expand their scope and explore possible ways of cooperation. Such efforts will certainly strengthen European industry.

Audience for congress
The conference is intended for mathematicians, statisticians, scientists and engineers, both from industry and academia. ECMI conferences have a long-standing tradition of bringing together researchers from various disciplines, who work on often only seemingly different disciplines. The transversally of mathematics makes it a versatile tool in a large variety of applications in particular when using it in computational modelling.

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