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Establishing a pool of European expertise

- Establishing a pool of European expertise:
The pool of European Statistical expertise collected for these deliverable uses the contributors for the state of the art report as the pool.

There are currently discussions ongoing with Wiley publishers looking at the possibility of expanding the state of the art report. This report is a deliverable in its own right. Deliverable 8.7 - Report on state-of-the-art in measurement, business and industrial statistics. The report (deliverable 8.7) has 16 sections each containing between 1 and 2 pages. Most authors are willing to expand their contributions up to full chapters for the proposed book.

- The list of contributors follows.
Shirley Coleman and Dave Stewardson UNEW.ISRU (CO1)
Wim Sendon and Alessandro Di Bucchianico EURAN.ISG (CR2)
Xavier Tort-Martorell and Lluis Marco UPC.SOR (CR3)
Oyvind Langsrud and Frøydis Bjerke NFRI (CR4)
Maria Ramalhoto IST.UMTE (CR5)
Tony Greenfield CR6
Dimilar Vandev BUSTATS (MB7)
Marco S. Reis and Pedro M. Saraiva QUAL (MB8)
Anne De Frenne MATH (MB9)
Jeroen de Mast, Ronald Does UAM.IBIS (CR10)
Daniele Romano UCAG.DME (MB11)
David Rios Insua and Jorge Muruzábal URJC.GECD (MB13)
Bruce Sindahl SIN (MB14)
Andras Zempleni UEOT.DPTS (MB15)
John Tyssedal MB17
Rainer Goeb UWUERZ.II.CS (MB18)
Rafaello Levi and Grazia Vicario PTRN.DSPEA (MB19)
John Shade GDLT (MB20)
Alberto Luceño and Jaime Puig-Pey UCANT.DMACC (MB21)
Poul Thyregod DTH.IMMOD (MB22)
Marco Busatto, Antonio Pievatolo and Fabrizio Ruggeri, CNR.AMI (MB23)
Bo Bergman and Per Johansson CUT.DTQM (MB24)
Jukka Salmikuukka and Susanna Kunttu VTT.A (MB25)
Alessandra Giovagnoli UBLG.DSS (MB26)
Oystein Evandt IPCONS (CR27)
Irena Ograjen?ek CR29
Pasquale Erto and Stefano Barone UNAP.DPA (MB30)
Andrea Ahlemeyer Shibbe AHSDM (MB31)
Ron Kenett KPA (MB32)
Adam Jednorog and kamil Torczewski TUWRO.IPEA (MB33)
Henry Wynn LSERS.STA (CR34)
Chris McCollin UTNOTT (MB35)
Paolo Giudici and Alberto Lombardo UPAV.EPMQ (MB36)
Petros Dellaportas and Stelios Psarakis RCAUEB (MB37)
Soren Bisgaard (Invited expert)
John Logsdon Peo-ENBIS webmaster

This deliverable may also be linked in with other completed databases within deliverable 5.2. Deliverable 5.2 established a list of industrial statistics groups. The database is structured so that lists under various headings can be accessed. The list headings are

- A collection of organisations:
These are specialist consultancies, institutes, companies etc - that concentrate on industrial statistics.

- University departments:
This also includes statistics departments which may not concentrate solely on industrial statistics applications.

- The national statistics bureaux:
These are generally government statistics agencies that may have useful information.

- Statistical societies:
A useful contact point.

This pool of European Statistical expertise can also include the information collected for deliverable 5.4 Established list of European industrial statistical expertise.

The collected data from all these locations constitutes a comprehensive list of European Statistical expertise.

Reported by

University of Newcastle upon Tyne
ISRU Stephenson Centre
NE1 7RU Newcastle upon Tyne
United Kingdom
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