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Report on state-of-the-art in measurement

Applying Statistical Methods in Business and Industry the state of the art

Mission Statement:
- To promote the wider understanding and application of contemporary and emerging statistical methods

For Students:
- For people working in business and industry worldwide.
- For the professional development of statistical practitioners (statistical practitioner is any person using statistical methods whether formally trained or not).
- To foster best practice for the benefit of business and industry.

- All members of ENBIS.
- Industrial & Business statisticians in general.
- Quality managers.

- Introduction to the book, to ENBIS and pro-ENBIS.
- Industrial statistics - History and background.
- Statistical Consultancy.
- Evaluating benefits from process improvement and Quality by Design.
- Management statistics.
- Service quality.
- Risk, Finance and Insurance.
- Applying Data mining methods to business and industry.
- Process Monitoring, Improvement and Control.
- Measurement system analysis.
- Design and analysis of experiments (DoE).
- Safety and reliability engineering.
- Multivariate and multiscale data analysis.
- Simulation.
- Communication.
- Summary and conclusion.

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University of Newcastle upon Tyne
ISRU Stephenson Centre
NE1 7RU Newcastle upon Tyne
United Kingdom
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