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A flowchart approach to problem solving: some case studies

Recent research on developing a structural approach to analysis of reliability data has been published. This paper brings together these approaches and introduces some other aspects of reliability analysis, i.e. data manipulation prior to analysis and analysis of multivariate and covariate structures.

A methodology is proposed which incorporates this structure to aid the determination of the solution to root causes of problems. The methodology uses statistical hypothesis testing principles and well-known quality improvement and reliability techniques incorporated into a Shewhart PDSA cycle. Case studies have been presented in the fields of reliability analysis, steel design and process control.

Findings / Practical implications:
It can be seen from application of the proposed procedure to case study material that each analysis requires the aid of engineering and statistical judgment and knowledge to help identify structure.

Originality/value of paper:
The incorporation of this new approach within reliability and safety case methodology may attempt to aid the solution of ongoing problems and may be used during a project to aid a project manager in developing a closed loop solution to engineering problems.

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