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Review of existing information and information sources: report on existing information and information sources

The result represents the results of the work performed by all project partners in WP1 (Review of Existing Information and Information Sources). The final goal of the project is establishing an Observatory of airport-related data, mainly for policy-making purposes.

The report describes airport information found in WP1 survey for a substantial part of European airports and organisations related to them. The analysis of those sources includes the kind of data available and some relevant conditions for their use.

One of the major challenges faced by the APRON project was to convince the airports to provide access to their data through the use of the observatory.

To facilitate this task APRON has been using two concepts to stimulate participation: In the first place, the "win-win" situation as defined in the project Technical Annex. This concept supports a project approach and project results in which all contributors give something and get something in return. In the second, the "Snow-ball" effect which means that the Observatory must have a minimal "critical mass" of participants and information in order to invite other potential contributors to join.

The scope of the survey included the countries of the EU plus Norway and Switzerland. Notwithstanding, some information regarding potential sources and contacts are given for candidate countries to join the EU.

The addressees of this work package are:
- The European Commission.
- Other WP's within APRON.
- APRON Advisory Board.
- Other airport related projects.
- Stakeholders and organisations related to this sector.
- Other actors concerned with this kind of data.

A final summary remark could be made about the purpose of APRON and this document in particular. The objectives of the project and the consortium working in it serve the general interest of the community more than in many other cases. This fact has been well understood by present contributors to whom APRON must give credit for making the project advance toward its goal.

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