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APRON Report Summary

Project ID: 13274
Funded under: FP5-GROWTH
Country: Germany

Information validation: report on the applicability of the database as a source for policy formulation

Within the general context this work package, after the data collection and validation process of WP 3, had to check the information in order to ensure a maximum of applicability of use as a source for policy formulation purposes, with respect to the evaluation and planning for the European airport system as well as a continuous high quality information platform has to be established which in consequence will only work if data providers accept the security standards to allow for confidentiality and / or anonymity of sensitive data.

Therefore a general mapping of use cases and indicators to policy issues had been undertaken. As the cardinality of the connections between policy issue and use case as well as policy issue to indicator is many-to-many there cannot be a one-to-one mapping. In consequence a few examples mapping or rather a meaningful and reasonable mapping between policy issue and use cases and indicators had been worked out. This allows a potential user of the indicators and data to see one meaningful possible mapping of necessary indicators to "answer" a policy question and to contribute to a transport policy formulation process.

Specifically: a number of use cases are defined in chapter 3. These cover a wide scope
of aspects including: Airport Design, Airport Classification, Airport Productivity Analysis, Market Structure Analysis, Airport Ranking, Market Development / Strategic Planning, Operational Performance vs. Impact Assessment / Operational Performance Assessment Use Case, Investment Data Exploitation, Policy Formulation.

The contents of a use case was specified in general terms as well for guidance when writing down the use case. The specified list of use cases follow broadly this specification. Therefore the specified use cases are broadly similar in structure.

The use cases give examples for several aspects of policy needs consequently covering
- Applicability of the observatory's data as a source for policy formulation,
- Allowing the evaluation and planning for an European airport system,
- Providing a continuous high quality information platform.

Furthermore the data access, ownership etc. have been discussed. Here tables have been produced specifying exactly which indicators are available from the APRON Observatory and indicating the reasons why some indicators are not available.

For the continuation of APRON a sub-set of indicators has been identified, which is most beneficial for a standard survey. Even when indicators are not available the interest was strong in making available contact persons at airports dealing with specific topics that opens the possibility for contacts on a bilateral base. The indicators computed with the help of algorithms, simulation routines and models have been evaluated as very important and therefore remained unchanged.

Finally it was stated which of the information available in the observatory database should be available for policy purposes without any restriction and which ones are classified by the data owners as sensitive and therefore confidential and just accessible along the security rules. The conclusion showed that nearly all data, information and indicators are evaluated such that access should be allowed for the policy level. Just a minority of restrictions have been identified concerning investment, privatisation and performance indicators related to financial issues as well as information concerning transfer passengers. Such information have been evaluated as confidential by the airports, so that the access has to be restricted by the reciprocity rule. In addition the flight-by-flight data is confidential and only to be used for the internal routines to produce indicators.

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