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Data collection and validation: report on data collection and validation

This is the very heart of the APRON project. Based on the user requirements that have been defined in WP2, demand data, airport infrastructure data, investment data, accessibility data, etc have been collected from sources indicated in WP1 and from the airports that participate in the project. The data have been checked and validated and stored in a structured way in the APRON databank.

The first step in WP3 was to define the set of Indicators to be actually collected. This new list has been drawn up after ample discussion within the Consortium and with the Advisory Board. Part of the data is collected from Eurostat (e.g. passenger, cargo and aircraft movements), Eurocontrol (e.g. flight information), or other centralised sources, but for a large part from the airports. For the data collection from the airports a survey template has been developed.

Eurostat co-operated on all levels in all matters. The requested information that is already validated has been provided as soon as they have been released internally. So the following data are or will be available at the Apron server:
- Aviation statistics 2000 and 2001 provided
- Aviation statistics 2002 have been released mid of October 2004, which was to late to be included
- Aviation statistics 2003 are not available up to now and therefore could not be included
- Socio-economic statistics

Eurocontrol (flight data)
To generate approximately 100 indicators flight schedule data are necessary. To test the approach of APRON some test data have been provided. For the months October 2002, July and October 2003 the data have been made available. Another test sample has been provided for July 2004 but the airline information is missing so that the computation of services could not be done. As response Eurocontrol received a first analysis so that the use of data is made transparent. A special file was generated containing all items how the flight-by-flight data are used.

Eurocontrol (other data)
In general it was said that Eurocontrol is willing to co-operate and to provide information on an aggregated level No airline specific information can be released. Also the contact details of their data provider have to be secured as otherwise they risk their data access.

Concerning the delay information available Eurocontrol has provided the information according to definition used by them. In consequence one has to read the definition carefully as this is a more technical focus directed towards the air navigation purposes while the consumer perspective might be quite different.

Concerning the IFR and VFR aircraft movements no accurate values are available at Eurocontrol but based on a hypothesis which assigns different aircrafts to the categories indicators could be provided if necessary later on. No information is available about aircraft movements per noise category (Cat I and II) and the utilisation of radar vectoring.
Information concerning aircraft incident and accidents are very sensitive and Eurocontrol itself evaluates the available information as incomplete. Such sensitive issues will not be made available to APRON in detail via web, but just per country like already published by Eurocontrol.

Other sources
Data from the following other sources have been made available to APRON:
- ACI / Eurocontrol airport survey
- Seabird
- Seaplane

Airport survey
The airport survey could be organised at 12 airports in 5 countries:
- Germany: München, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Berlin-Tegel
- Austria: Vienna
- Spain: Valencia, Madrid, Barcelona
- France: Toulouse, Nice
- Greece: Athens International Airport, Heraklion

Evaluation of the airport survey
- An evaluation of the survey is available per subtask and per airport. There is a wide variety in the response rates per subtask and per airport and there exist a wide variety of reasons why questions could not be answered.

Computed indicators
Some indicators have been computed using the information of other indicators.

Data validation
The data validation has been carried out for the data collected in the airport survey. This phase was co-ordinated by NEA, who did the actual validation, formulated questions to the data collecting partners and finally corrected the forms to be sent to FhG.

FhG as responsible partner for database implementation provided its product WebGenesis as base for the APRON specific IT tasks to be carried out. WebGenesis is a database-supported and fully web-based information system framework. The data here above described collected from Eurostat, Eurocontrol and other general sources and from the airports are uploaded to the databank. Dedicated access and retrieval possibilities have been developed and have been made operational.

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