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Purification and isotope enrichment of magnetic qubits

Reversal of the Mn12 cluster spin can occur either classically, by thermal activation, or quantum mechanically, by tunnelling through the barrier. SMMs are attractive model systems to study the effects of coupling magnetic qubits to the environment (nuclear moments, phonons), with the associated problems of decoherence and the limits of quantum mechanics at the large scale. For both aspects the hyperfine coupling between cluster spin and nearby nuclear spins is expected to play a crucial but subtle role: since this coupling is many orders larger than the quantum tunnelling splitting, a static hyperfine interaction completely blocks tunnelling. To get a better insight into these mechanisms, single crystals of a deuterated sample of the well-known Mn12Ac ([Mn12O12(CD3COO)16(D2O)4].2CD3COOD.4H2O) were obtained following the methodology reported in the literature by Lis for the synthesis of Mn12Ac by using deuterated acetic acid and D2O.

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Centro Nacional de Microelectronica (IMB-CSIC)
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