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Development of state-of-the-art nanoscale magnetic detectors

The NPL group obtained several SQUID from various sources, both from within the consortium and from external contacts which were made during the course of the year and through its co-funding UK DTI activities. A SQUID sensitivity of the order of just 40 spin/Hz1/2 at 4.2°K was proven by this group. The results were disseminated to other members of the consortium to allow them to improve and enhance their SQUID fabrication. Micro-SQUID fabrication technology was also successfully developed at CSIC-IMM along the second year and operative submicron dimensions devices were processed and distributed for measurements to the partners. A novel approach towards quantum limited spin detection of nanomagnets or magnetic clusters was initiated at CSIC-IMM. Novel nanomechanical devices in GaAs technology promised extraordinary sensitivity and high frequency resonance detection capabilities at low temperatures.

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