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New magnetic clusters and nanoparticles made from Mn12 molecules

The work performed has been mostly involved with the synthesis and characterisation of new Mn12 clusters with interesting optically-active ligands to find synergistic effects. Two complementary techniques, magnetic susceptibility and magnetic circular dichroism (MCD), were used and it was shown, for the first time, that the magnetic and optical responses are essentially identical. The development of new methods for measurement magnetic and spin properties of isolated molecules is important when the detection limits of traditional SQUID instruments are reached.

Moreover, we have set up a new crystallisation technique based on the use of supercritical fluids. Although their use is well-known for instance, for the controlled crystallisation and delivery of pharmaceutical drugs, this was the first time that this technique was used to obtain nanocrystals of molecular magnets. This fact is not only important because the nanocrystals obtained in this way exhibit a small dispersion range, but also because their size and shape can be controlled at will, influencing their properties when compared with the materials obtained by traditional crystallisation techniques.

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Centro Nacional de Microelectronica (IMB-CSIC)
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