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CythorLab - an intelligent electroporation system

CythorLab is an intelligent electroporation system combining refined electroporation with impedance measurement to create the next generation gene- and drug delivery systems for use in vivo and in vitro. ADITUS is the inventor of the CythorLab intelligent electroporation system. CythorLab combines an advanced pulse generator with an impedance measurement system all controlled from the attached personal computer. When connected to the electroporation treatment head (created by other members of this consortium) it constitutes the complete delivery system for the ENDOPORATOR project.

Today's gene- and drug delivery methods, including viral vectors and traditional electroporation, all have shortcomings like high costs and unwanted side effects. The yield in traditional electroporation has been very low and has only been adapted for use in vitro. Only few attempts have been made to use the technology in vivo due to the difficulty in producing optimal results on a consistent basis. There is a need for a delivery method that is Effective, Simple and Cost Effective. This will be solved by the CythorLab system. CythorLab monitors the changes in the cell impedance thereby giving the user an indirect measurement of the size of the pores in the cell membranes. This information will show the user when to stop the electroporation process - just at the right time - not too early and not too late. With this new type of control mechanism, the electroporation method generates optimal results every time and can now safely be used for transfection both in vitro as well as in vivo.

The software, specifically designed for CythorLab, has powerful features for setup and storage. It is possible to plan and setup experiments, to have accounts with Login and Access control that protects setup and results and to visualize the effect of the electroporation prior to the experiment. The CythorLab system has received patent approval from Sweden and from Australia. Patent is pending in all other major regions and close to approval both in Europe and in the US. More patents will follow in the next 2 years. A trademark for CYTHOR and ADITUS has been approved in Europe and is close to approval in the US.

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