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Delivery system and both re-usable and disposable treatment heads for the physical enhancement of the treatment using therapeutic agents of cancer tumours accessible using endoscopy or laparoscopy

Gaeltec has invented (jointly with the partners at the University of Cork) the ENDOVAC Electroporation Treatment Head. This forms part of the subject of an as yet incomplete UK Patent Application filed by Gaeltec in respect of the collaborative work within the consortium. Gaeltec has reduced this concept to practice with stainless steel electrodes, micro-engineered needles on a silicon substrate, some such silicon substrates also incorporating an integral temperature sensor. A disposable treatment head is a probable future development that is anticipated in the patent. The hardware contributed by Gaeltec includes endoscopic attachments and laparoscopes with fixed treatment heads (that may also be disposable). The thinking has also been extended to include an alternative aspect ratio where the microelectrodes are applied by vacuum into a tumour located on the skin.Gaeltec has also produced delivery sub-systems suitable for use with both macroscopic needles and the ENDOVAC treatment head. Delivery sub-systems for use with both endoscopes and laparoscopes have also been created.

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Gaeltec Ltd.
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United Kingdom
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