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Device and process for electroporation of tissue accessible by endoscope, laparoscope or catheter

NMRC Ireland (to be known as the Tyndall National Institute from January 2005), and Cork Cancer Research Centre has invented jointly with Gaeltec a device called "EndoVac", suitable for electroporation of intraluminal tissue and designed for simple integration onto a endoscope/laproscope head. The device consists of a hollow chamber within which a pair of parallel planar eletrodes are contained. These electrodes can effectively electroporate several cm cubed of tissue with one pulse from the connected pulse generating instrumentation. Potentially the silicon needle electrodes produced by the NMRC may expand the application of the device towards transdermal delivery of genes and drugs. Research carried out at the CCRC initially identified parallel planar electrodes as optimum for effective electroporation, and extensive work was carried out on the reduction to practice of the unit. The market for this unit includes both the cancer therapeutics area but the application can also be expanded to include the treatment of diseased organs accessible endoscopically or laparoscopically.

Reported by

National Microelectronics Research Centre (NMRC)
Lee Maltings, Prospect Row
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