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CFD software for the prediction of soot mass production and particle sizes

CRF is using since 1990 the simulation software STAR form CD-Adapco for the analysis of in-cylinder flows. During the years a satisfactory agreement in the simulation of the spray and combustion processes have been achieved.

CFD results are compared with the experimental data in terms of pressure cycle. More than this, the CFD results of the 3D instantaneous evolution of the spray and temperature field within the combustion chamber are analysed in order to understand how the combustion chamber design and the flow-field characteristics could influence the combustion process.

This approach is useful for full load conditions but it is true that nowadays emissions (Nox and soot) are the key factors in the development of new Diesel engines.

All the available soot models need always some tuning and do not give any information about soot particle size, CRF is willing to include in STAR CD the new model developed by Prof. Mauss within the Partsize project.

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