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Project ID: ENK6-CT-2001-00534
Financiado con arreglo a: FP5-EESD
País: Italy

In-cylinder soot mass and particle size by non intrusive technique

Nowadays, diesel particulate mass concentrations at exhaust are decreasing much more, whereas a great number concentration ultrafine particle (less than 100 nm in diameter) was observed.. A complete characterization of soot particle formation during diesel combustion must be furnished by non intrusive technique.

More details an "in situ" and real time chemical and physical characterization of soot precursors and soot particles is necessary. In order to perform this characterization, extinction and scattering flame spectroscopy, must be carried out. This technique is based on broadband ultraviolet–visible extinction and scattering spectroscopy. Multi-wavelength technique overcomes single wavelength technique, allowing using the data at several wavelengths to retrieve particle number size distribution with better accuracy. Moreover, the analysis of spectral scattering and extinction features gives information about particulate chemical nature and allows characterising the particle agglomeration degree.

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