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Bio-uptake under linear adsorption: Mathematica notebook

The case of transient bio-uptake under linear adsorption has been analytically solved. The codes for this calculation are currently available in Mathematica, which is a highly standard commercial application. In its present form, the code can be used by non-specialists to perform computations by simply "cutting and pasting" the pieces of code into a Mathematica file.

Researchers working in bio-uptake studies can use this code to check their transient fluxes and to discriminate among parameters that cannot be solved by steady-state fluxes alone. The code allows checking of accumulated amounts, and recovery of bio-uptake parameters. The code can also be used to assess the impact of the predicted maximum in the plot of amount of adsorbed species to be internalised versus time.

A more sophisticated user-interface in the form of a compact presentation as a notebook including input/output of data and a package that will perform all the calculations is currently under development.

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